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I have been in love with dance since I was a little girl. Because of that, also because of one choreography talking about Ladybird and happy kids the Dance Studio Triiniks was founded.
I have graduated University of Tartu BCc in Exercise and Sports Sciences. I have studied under different coaches and dance teachers in Estonia and abroad.
Beside Triiniks I have been working with Folkdance Ensamble Tarbatu, in fitness studio My Fitness and some places outside of Estonia.

Ingrid Hamer

Triiniksis olen käinud alates ajast, mil alustasin oma kooliteed. Triiniksil on minu elus suur roll, saan tegeleda igapäevaselt sellega, mida mulle meeldib kõige rohkem teha- tantsida ja lastega tegeleda. Mudilastega tegelen igapäevaselt, sellest on saanud minu põhitöö. Lisaks on mind nakatanud ka aeroobikapisik ja hetkel avastan enda jaoks erinevaid stiile ning naudin kogu protsessi. Mulle meeldib minu töö ja ma teen seda kogu südamest.

Tuuli Tohu

I´m happy minded girl who likes to dance. Triiniks has been my second family since I started at school. I love classes with children, it is so heart warming to see them learning new things.

Kairi Oona

I am a girl with a big heart and full of life. My journey has been intertwined with Triiniks and dance since I was 7 years old. Throughout the years I have enjoyed the routine of dance practise as much as performance as it calms down the pace of everyday life and brings so much joy to the people inside and out.
I have always liked being around little kids and I admire the joy of simple things in their eyes this is partly a reason why I first started teaching a toddler and pre-schooler class.
I have added acrobatics and a few show-dance lessons to my portfolio as well.

Veronika Lehesaar

I have been lucky! I have worked with dancers of different ages and experiences in many styles - contemporary, jazz, folk dance and historical dance. As a teacher, I like to focus on the technical details with the dancers and to be inspired by the dancers in a way that allows them to create dances and special atmospheres. That is why I am very grateful to them for their cooperation!

Madli Teller

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